the belcourt biscuit boogie


Tomorrow night! Join us for a dance party at the Belcourt Theatre, one of many events that are in support of this years nD Festival.


Your $25 ticket ($20 for Belcourt members) will get you Bang Candy jello shots, cocktails, Yazoo beer and homemade biscuits… On top of that, Ben Swank and William Tyler, both who wear many hats in our fair city, will deejay the evening, which is a treat in itself. That’s less than you’d spend on a night out and it goes toward your favorite indie film house!


Get your ticket right here, or you may also purchase one at the door. When else are you gonna get to shake it on the stage of the theatre and not get shushed or escorted out?


The party starts around 10 pm. See you there!



Jessica, Erin + Elise