the city that saved supper + song

it’s the first day of spring.

we reckon there couldn’t be a more appropriate day to share our news with you.

YOUR support helped save supper + song!!!!!!!!!!

you. and music city – nashville, tennessee.

from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your calls, your letters, your love. THANK YOU, city councilwoman Burkley Allen and councilman Bo Mitchell for always answering calls and questions and working with deep commitment to find a solution for all. THANK YOU to all who lent input to the bill – the planning commission, the police, the Mayor’s office, neighborhood representatives, and the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.

supper+song was never ours. it was and is YOURS.

stay tuned for updates. we are looking forward to having you back in the backyard very soon.

(hell yeah)



for those of you who are interested in how things went down, here is a link to Tuesday night’s city council vote…

watch the video